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Customize messages to attract attention and increase awareness. Made for outdoor usage: -for window display advertising with nice effect. User can change display message any time from anywhere it is based on IoT and bluetooth connectivity. It is wireless controlled display board. Make your work smart.

Application Areas led display board

1. College Classroom: - To inform object and subject matter of the class teaching.
2. Technical labs: - To display object of the experiments.
3. Canteen: - To display available eatable products along with price as well as opening
    and closing time.
4. Hospitals and clinics: - To aware patient and managements via short notification.
5. Offices: - To notify whether you are available for talk or busy in your work.
6. Kids play school: - Kids visibility testing and recognize words, letter and numbers. It would
    help kids to learn and test his/her own visibility power.

Technical Specifications

  • Colour Red/Green/Blue/White
  • Closure Self-sealing
  • Size 3 Ft width and 0.5 Ft height
  • Material Metal
  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Android app Available on play store
  • Input source 240V AC

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