Certified Robotics Training

Robotics Training Course will let you learn and explore Embedded Electronics with Microcontroller and different types of robot, PCB design concept with Real time implementation and many more.

Duration : 30 days

Type : Online Training


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Robotics Course Content

Course Content

  1. Basic Electronics

  2. Embedded C

  3. Arduino and Arduino IDE

  4. PCB designing concept

  5. LCD, Keypad interfacing

  6. Various Sensors Interfacing

  7. MIT Android App Inventor

  8. Wired robot

  9. Wireless robot – RFID controlled robot

  10. Bluetooth controlled robot

Projects Covered

  1. Line follower robot

  2. Self drive and balance robot

  3. Wifi controlled robot

  4. Voice controlled

  5. Gps based tracking robot

  6. Dustbin carrying robot

  7. Gesture controlled robot

and many more…

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